What Platform Are Games Made On

Many flash games are made by Adobe systems and it has been that way since 2005 until now. However, Macromedia made the flash game since 1996 to 2005 and before that was FutureWave. There were different makers of flash games, but they have been around for decades. Now they target various platforms across many systems. They are mainly used in web and mobile and require action scripts to create. This was created by Macromedia back before 2005 and was adapted into Adobe Systems. So the platforms that flash games reach include web browsers, iOS (via 3rd party software), Android, Windows, and Linux.  

These games are easy to find as they’re all over the internet. Facebook games use the flash player, so do most of the online games you can find on the internet. They are in the application games you download from the app store(iOS) or google play store (Android). So they play a vital roll in modern day games and gaming. However, due to Adobe Systems agreement to drop flash from gaming in 2020. So while web browser games will continue into the future, sadly flash will not go with it. 

Gaming companies have been around for a while, and while the flash player originated in 1992 it didn’t become widely popular until 1996 when Macromedia Inc. had the helm of it. The software was later purchase by Adobe Systems in 2005 and became Adobe flash player. It then became a requirement to use adobe flash in order to play any online games. Since then adobe hasn’t let up and has firmly held onto its spot in the best software to have in the modern era. 

So adobe flash started back in 1992 and continued to 2019. They reach multiple browser platforms like phones and computers. Facebook games use adobe flash too. But with adobe stepping away with the flash software, who will take the reigns next year?