How to Make Facebook Flash Games Run Faster

So how do you make your Facebook flash games run faster? Well, there are some things you can do to help improve the performance of the game itself. Some are easy to do, and some may require a download to perform. Regardless, here are the 4 best ways to make your facebook flash games run faster. 

Lower the Flash Quality

By lowering the flash quality of the browser, it will take the accelerated graphics, and make them simplistic. This in turn allows the game to run faster and more smoothly because it’s not using all the processing power on giving you high quality gaming. So to do this, you need to right click inside the game itself. Look for the word “Quality” in the given list. It should have a right pointing arrow at the end of the word. Then you change it from high to low. Presto, now it runs faster, and you can enjoy a game that is as fast as you are at playing it. 

Play in Another Browser

There are many browsers out there to play on. Many of them have their own unique features. Some may run flash better than others. None-the-less, you can find them on google for a free download. The list includes; Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Navigator. Those are the most popular, but not the only ones out there. So to download a browser, you can go to google on your current browser and type in one of the names, then click on the official site, and click the free download button. Then wait for it to finish and try the game on the new browser. 

Hardware Acceleration

Many people don’t like using this setting or honestly don’t know about it. However, this setting forces your hardware to perform in a faster capacity by using your CPU software. To activate this go to your browser settings in advanced, then click on system settings and you will have access to the hardware acceleration feature. 

Resize the Game

If you are looking to make it faster through the game itself, then you can resize or zoom in to the game. This will allow the flash player to focus on less pixels and perform faster for the user. To do this, you left click the game, and click zoom in or zoom out. It may just be a zoom function or a resize function based on which browser you’re using and what platform you’re on. However, this is on the menu after right-clicking the game.

There you are! 4 great ways to make your Facebook flash games faster. I hope this helps, and good luck in your gaming.